Cringe For A Cause is a fundraising event to help our friend Selene pay medical expenses accrued after kidney failure. All money donated will go directly towards her medical bills. Any extra money donated will go towards helping her pay for her medical transition. We’re going to have a bunch of varied stuff, including tournaments, so be sure to check out our schedule for relevant links and join our Discord to join in on the fun. Donations can be made on the event’s GoFundMe page.

Selene’s own words: Hello, my name is Selene and I am a transgender woman whom has been shackled with a considerable amount of medical debt after suffering (thankfully temporary) kidney failure and a rather nasty infection in parts of my anatomy I wish I did not have to begin with. While I make money as a freelance writer, I do not earn enough to escape the poverty line-the fact that the hospital’s Charity Care services intervened on my $86k medical debt should be testament of where I stand financially. While you would think that all of this charity should be sufficient to alleviate my debt issues, I had to take an ambulance to reach that hospital and the ambulance company is not willing to handle me as a charity case. Yes, I am back to a healthy state but I am still scraping by with a job that earns me four figures; yes, I can pay it back, but only if I ignore most of the other things that make surviving surgery and avoiding sepsis worth living.