Our friend Frostey has recently been in a car accident. Thankfully he is okay, but his car was totaled, and putting it back together so that he can find work has exhausted him financially. The car may be running currently, but it is not long for this world. Frostey relies on gigs like Doordash and UberEats to stay afloat between Commissions and trying to sell his art, and The costs associated with missing work while he was without a car, as well as repairing the car itself have caused him to max out all of his credit cards and left him broke. We are hoping to raise some money to help him get by for a bit while he recovers. We’re going to have a bunch of varied stuff, including tournaments, so be sure to check out our schedule for relevant links and join our Discord to join in on the fun. Donations can be made on the event’s GoFundMe page. Art by @Vinyl_Witch